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Adam Walker supports WDC

Adam Walker supports the WDC throughout his Oceans 7 Challenge

Adam Walker swims with Dolphins

Adam Walker is raising money for Whale and Dolphin Conservation. He began to support this charity when he took on the Oceans7, swimming the toughest seven ocean swims in the world. During his swims he has been lucky enough not only to hear the sound of Pilot Whales calling in Gibraltar Straits, but to be famously accompanied by a pod of Dolphins in the Cook Strait, that seemed to be protecting him from a shark lurking below.

In 2015 Adam will be filming a documentary about Dolphins and his experiences with them in the wild. The aim of the program is to provide ground-breaking evidence of their intelligence levels. Adam will discuss theories and studies with scientists around the world so as to assist in the fight against the culling and capture of Whales and Dolphins.

The WDC are fighting for a world where every Whale and Dolphin is free.
To end captivity, to end the killings and cullings and to put an end to organisations such as Sea World. To find out more about the WDC click here to view their website>>
Dolphins swim with Adam Walker
JustGiving - Sponsor me now! To help support the WDC and Adams campaign to end their suffering, please click the Sponsor me button to the left. This will take you to Adams JustGiving page where you can donate the amount of your choice.

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