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Adam Walker is the first British person to swim the Oceans 7, the toughest 7 channel swims in the World!
He is the 5th person in the World to complete this incredible feat. It is the ultimate endurance challenge, the Oceans equivalent to the "Seven Summits" and he is the 2nd person in history to complete all seven on first attempt!


  Adam Walker Ocean Swimmer
  Date of Birth: 9th July 1978
  Born: Nottingham, UK
  Height: 6ft 5in
  Weight: 97 kilos
  Marital Status: Single
  Studied: Sports Studies & Leisure Recreational Management - BA (Hons)
  Occupation: National Salesman (previous)
    Endurance Swimmer
    Swim Coach (since 1998)
    Motivational Speaker
    Owner - Ocean Walker
  Achievements: First Brit to swim the Oceans 7
    First Brit to swim from Spain to Morocco and back
    First Brit to swim the Molokai Strait, Hawaii
    First Brit to swim the Tsugaru Channel, Japan
    Fastest British crossing Spain to Morocco
    Fastest Man 21 miles, 2 Way Windermere (2010)
  Ambassador: RLSS
    Councilor One Young World


Adam Walker was born and grew up in Nottingham, UK with his parents Peter and Margaret Walker and older brother Mark. Adam and Mark enjoyed their sports and they followed their fathers footsteps playing Rugby and Cricket. In his teens Adam had to retire from these sports due to knee and back injuries. This encouraged him to swim and he competed at County level 50m Backstroke.

When Adam left University, he again followed the family trade into sales. Adam worked his way up the ladder, working for major blue chip companies. By his mid twenties Adam was married, a home owner and with his competitive nature, excelled in meeting targets and held well paid National Sales positions. But something was missing from his life.

In 2006 he boarded a plane for a family holiday to Australia and he watched an in-flight movie called "On A Clear Day", about a man who swims the English Channel. This movie inspired Adam to do just that! He wasted no time in training and set the date to swim the Channel. Over the following months Adam put himself through a rigorous training plan, his first experience of open water taught him his biggest lesson. After 45 minutes in 9 degrees Celsius he became severely hypothermic, but rather than putting Adam off he took that as a lesson learned and waited a few months until the water temperature was up and acclimatised his body properly.

In 2008 Adam swam the English Channel, it wasn't without hardships, but he completed his challenge and immediately wanted something else to aim for. He decided to swim the Gibraltar Straits next, this would be warmer and it was a shorter distance. Although if he could build up his speed he had the opportunity to swim both ways! Adam became the first British person to achieve a 2 Way Gibraltar Strait crossing.

Just as he completed Gibraltar the Oceans 7 Challenge was born, and Adam had already swam two of the channels on the list, so he decided that this was to be his ultimate challenge. Adam had ruptured a bicep tendon swimming the English Channel, which required 3 operations in total in an attempt to re-attach the fibers. Unfortunately the damage was done and he was advised not to swim anymore. This took Adam on a path of discovery to find a better way of swimming, which would enable him to carry on and became known as the Ocean Walker Technique.

Adam took a total of 7 years to swim all the 7 channels of the Oceans 7, he was stung by a Portuguese Man O War in Hawaii, followed by Sharks, swam with Dolphins and tested to the max from huge swells to strong currents. He did all of this holding a high pressure full time National Salesman position, and had to keep his mind on track when dealing with divorce, the sale of his home and the loss of his beloved dog Boo. The dedication that drove Adam into his swims changed his life in so many ways having funded his swims out of his own pocket, with the occasional sponsorship.

Adam is no longer a salesman. He runs his own business Ocean Walker with his girlfriend Gemma, coaching swimmers to help improve their stroke technique and giving them the solid advice based on his own experiences. Adam is also an incredible Motivational Speaker, talking about his amazing story and overcoming the obstacles that life throws at you. Accompanied by video footage of his swims and photos of his travels.
He is proud to be the Ambassador for the RLSS and for Zoggs UK, and is currently writing a book that will encapsulate his life to date.

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