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Oceans 7 - 1 more to go!

Adam Walker is hoping to complete the final installment of his OCEANS7 challenge 1st week in August!

Swimming from Donaghadee, Northern Ireland to Stranraer, Scotland, the Irish Sea is full of Lions Mane Jellyfish, not to mention the coldest temperatures that Adam will have encountered so far in a channel swim. Swimming in 12 degrees, for around 11-12 hours will be psychologically and physically tough on him.
The actual date of the swim will be announced on facebook and twitter.

FOLLOW Adams progress via tracker at this link>> Adam Walker Oceans 7Succeeding means you're willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else


Adam's gruelling 17 hour swim was a true inspiration... what a fantastic effort!

by Mark Foster


The 7 Oceans Challenge is one of the most formidable physical challenges. Taking on the most iconic, arduous and dangerous open water swims on the planet, Adam is an inspiration to us all and demonstrates that with hard work, determination and an iron will; anything is possible.

by Professor Greg Whyte


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